Friday, April 10, 2009

Three Day Pass Into L.A.

July 12, 1943

Dear Mother,

This pens eye view into the life of a soldier will probably be rather short. I had a hard day today after a hard weekend. I have to catch up on that shut eye that has been so scarce sense Thursday.

I got a three day pass over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and took off for Los Angelas. The army even furnished transportation there and back. We left camp about 7 P.M. Thursday night. We road in the back end of a army cargo truck to San Bernadino. It was about five in the morning when we got there. From San Bernadino we road a trolley car the remaining sixty miles into Los Angelas.

Quite a place L.A. Uptown it reminds you of St. Louis, but out a ways it's quite different. The worst thing about the town is the fact that spirits can be bought at hours from five until eight. That's not good at all, or is it?

Six of us saw the town together, at least we were together most of the time. We visited Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and several other suburbs around Los Angelas. The main trouble with a three day pass is that about the time you start finding your way around it's time to go back to camp.

I'm going to cut this trip short because I have to shave and shower yet before bedtime.

Oh yes, I won't be sending the watch home for a while now. I took it into town and they put it into running condition for a nominal fee of too D---- much.


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