Friday, February 26, 2010

Got A hair Cut - Aug. 11, 1945

Aug 11, 1945

Dear Mother,

I just received your letter telling how hot the weather was in St. Louis. I looked outside here and seen the wind blowing a near hurricane and the rain coming down. Darned if I didn't get almost homesick for a sight of God's country again.
I went uptown the other day and visited a German barber shop. They had one barber that couldn't have been over seventeen years old. He must have started the trade when he was only knee high. I watched him for a while and he did darn good job. One of the older men cut my hair - it was alright except for the dry shave on the neck. The thing that surprised me was the price of one mark for the hair cut!
Oh me! we have to attend a lecture of some kind - so I'll send all my Love

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At My New Home - Aug. 8, 1945

Aug. 8 1945

Dear Mother,

I'm about to get settled into my new home. We moved about two hundred miles south of Ausgurg, Germany. This is a fair size city a few miles northwest of Munich. That two hundred miles makes quite a difference in the weather. It's nice and warm here where as the other place was cold.
We are living in barracks at the edge of town. Just a short walk to town or if walking is too strenuous, there is a trolley that goes up town!
There is a river that runs through town where I intend to spend some time swimming. I went down last night after supper and tried the water out. It felt like liquid ice but if you keep moving you won't freeze to death. After a few minutes of that water it feels doubly good laying on the beach and absorbing sunshine.
I've got a German five mark note I'm putting in this letter. At the present rate of exchange it's worth fifty cents. Here is also a Greek bill. I don't know just what it's worth but it looks good any way.
It seems funny this is the first time in over three years that I haven't had an armoured force patch on my sleeve. Now then I wear the patch of the seventy-first Infantry Division Of course I'm still in the ordinance so the type division doesn't make too much difference. From what they tell us fellows from the sixth our stay with this division is more or less temporary. This division may go to the Pacific and if it does we probably won't go with it. That suits me.

Until next letter - Loads and loads of Love

Monday, February 22, 2010

Got my Transffer Papers - Aug. 2, 1945

Aug. 2, 1945

Dear Mother,

Summer's just about over - it seems more like it should be just starting. The weather here leaves no doubt in the mind on that score. Cold winds and rain describes the weather we are having - and us living in tents on an open field.
The end of this tent sleeping is in sight now. I got my walking papers from the Sixth today. I bid goodbye to this outfit Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure of my destination but I think it's the Seventy - First Infantry Division. That's just guess work for now. I'll let you know for sure next week.
You must have a nice store of fruits and vegetables put up by now. Every once in a while you write that you have beets to pickle or strawberries (yum yum) to can. Or do you eat them up as fast as you can?
I'll have to close now and get ready to move. I'll let you know where I am as soon as possible

Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Had a Sport Carnival - July 28, 1945

July 28, 1945

Dear Mother,

They have the darndest weather over here. One day it's so hot you can't stand it and the next it's so cold that you shiver with a jacket on. Even when it's hot the nights are so damp that clothes feel clammy in the morning. It might be good for crops, but I don't feel like a crop.
We had a division sport carnival Thursday and Friday. There was track events, baseball games, boxing, horseshoe pitching, and volleyball. Besides there was the usual midway with games of skill and chance, a few beer tents and of course sandwich counters.
I ran in the two hundred meter race and the eight hundred meter race and the eight hundred meter relay. Couldn't get past the simi-finals in the race but we took fourth place in the relay. I thought that was pretty good considering the poor condition we were in.
I also picked up a nice case of sunburn while running around out there in trunks. Maybe it will turn into a nice coat of tan someway or other.
Next week-end the division is going to hold a water carnival. I'd like to enter but I'm afraid I can't swim anyways near that good.
Well I've got a little guard duty to pull tonight. So I'll say Goodnight for now
Lumps and Lumps of Love

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got Back From Three Day Pass - July 23, 1945

July 23, 1945

Dear Mother,

I just got back from a three day pass at Metz. In a couple more days I'll be rested up enough to try for another pass. - I hope.
There isn't much to do there - but it's a place to go and get away from the company for a few days.
The Army has taken over a swimming pool where a guy can spend a nice afternoon. And the sixth has a dance every night which isn't too crowded because nobody else but Sixth boys are admitted.
Your card of July sixth came today. Thanks a lot for your picture climbing that cliff at the "Sky Ranch."
I have never been able to contact Dave. In all my jumping from Army to Army I haven't seen a truck from his outfit.
I'm glad to hear Milton got back alright. He should just about be eligible for a discharge by now. I hope he gets one after all he went through.
It's kind of nice to able to say we OWN a small place on a lake in the Ozarks. It's a nice feeling even if there isn't any home - yet.
Here's a little bit of Love I'm sending your way

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Waiting - July 9, 1945

July 9, 1945

Dear Mother,

Well I'm still here with the sixth. A sweating it out you might say. Every day I look at the bulletin board with apprehension, expecting to see my name on a transfer list. Going to some outfit to replace a high point man. I'm not letting it worry me too much right now.
About half of the Instrument section has been transferred to the Third Armored. Of the six of us remaining four have enough points to get home. that leaves two of us still waiting and hoping.
The boys who transferred took the radio with them. They had the majority staying in the army, so it was only fitting. There are enough other radios around the company for us to get the news and good programs, if we care to.
Darned ants. The soil here is sandy and every time I put down my bed roll it is a battle to see if the ants or myself will occupy it. I just sprinkled gasoline around so I think I'm safe for a while now.
What's new way back yonder now days? I hope you had a nice warm fourth of July week for celebrating Dad's birthday.
I'm going to sign off now. So lots of good wishes and a barrel of Love to all,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad - July 4th, 1945

July 4, 1945

Dear Dad,
Happy Birthday to you Dad and may you have many more of them. Maybe we will be together to celebrate your next one.
This has been a very quiet day over here. No elaborate celebration just a nice quiet holiday.
How did you spend the day?
How are the light bulbs coming along? Selling lots of them I hope.
I've got myself a grand total of sixty-eight points - so you can figure out where I stand in this discharge business. Right now it's a toss up weather I get transferred to an outfit staying in the Army of occupation or hit an outfit going to the Pacific - by way of the States. I'm hoping for the later - but the Army has it's own ideas.
Good-bye and Good-luck till later

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moved Again - July 2, 1945

July 2, 1945

Dear Mother,

How is every little thing at home? I'm getting along fine, all things considered.
Right now I'm sweating out a transfer to some other outfit. I'll get transferred sooner or later, but the big question is will it be an outfit Pacific bound or one slated for occupation.
About half of the gang has been transferred already. The rest of us are just waiting.
Well I'm sleeping in my little pup tent again. We moved out of the Russian zone at midnight June 30th. We are in a field a few miles from Frankfurt on the Main. Two days ago this was an open field now it is a tent city of twelve thousand soldiers. Anything can happen now. So I'm just holding my breath awaiting, and hoping for the best.
I'll say goodnight now and send my Love to keep you company.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We Went To The Firing Range - June 27, 1945

June 27, 1945

Dear Mother,
You are probably wondering what has happened to my writing arm. Nothing special, just the Army and their ideas.
We went out on the firing range last week. Supposedly we were to stay there two days then come back to camp. Due to bad weather and poor management on the range we didn't get back to camp until last night.
I managed to get a sunburned nose - bad weather or not. That's what comes of living indoors. A few hours out in the sun, and bingo! a cute little red snozola. It looks hic! like I might, hic! be a hic! booze hound, hic!
So Dad got caught in the floods. It's a good thing he didn't get stranded someplace. Maybe you can both get down to the place later this summer.
My bowling isn't too hot. Sometimes I do pretty good and then other times those d--n pins just wont fall down. The worst trouble is the size of the balls. The first two or three games are alright, but after that my hand starts getting sore from being wrapped around the ball. After my hand gets sore it's time to quit. About that time my control over the ball goes bye-bye and the score hits rock bottom.
I'll say goodnight for now and send my Love to keep you company.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks For The Package - June 15, 1956

June 15, 1945

Dear Mother,

I'll bet the heat is really bearing down on St. Louis about this time of month. Over here she's a sometimes good and a sometimes bad. The past week we have been dodging rain showers. (darn but I'm having trouble with my spelling)
I received that package today, with the pencils in it. I don't know who to thank for the candy and everything else. So I'll send thanks to You, Puggie, Dad, and Stubby. That should cover the guilty party or parties. My sweet tooth also sends thanks.
The funny papers are coming through pretty regularly. After they make the rounds of the fellows in the room here - down the hall they go until practically every man in the Company has seen them.
I'm sticking in a few pictures we took last winter. Notations on the back will give you some idea when and where they were taken.
I'll close now so I'll have room for the pictures.
Oceans of Love

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Here I Sit - June 10, 1945

June 10, 1945

Dear mother,

I intended to go out on the hill this afternoon and write this letter sitting in the sun. A little shower came up and so here I sit in my room inside.
The pictures you took of the family in the park got here. They were very nice. I liked that one of Dad cleaning the car. It's too bad about Stubby. I hope the shots do him good.
$36.45, That sounds really good. Are you going to take care of all of it this month? It really rates a celebration. You celebrate over there and I'll celebrate here. Then when we get together - wow ---.
I've been reviewing my case and checking my chances of coming home. The way things stand now it looks like it will be at least another year. That sounds bad but until Japan falls there is no chance of getting out. So under the circumstances it's better over here than down in the South Pacific.
Did Dad finally get off to his long anticipated trip? I hope he finds business good when he does go. And I sure wish I was going with him.
I'd better close when I start getting thoughts like that.
Love from me to You