Friday, February 5, 2010

Thanks For The Package - June 15, 1956

June 15, 1945

Dear Mother,

I'll bet the heat is really bearing down on St. Louis about this time of month. Over here she's a sometimes good and a sometimes bad. The past week we have been dodging rain showers. (darn but I'm having trouble with my spelling)
I received that package today, with the pencils in it. I don't know who to thank for the candy and everything else. So I'll send thanks to You, Puggie, Dad, and Stubby. That should cover the guilty party or parties. My sweet tooth also sends thanks.
The funny papers are coming through pretty regularly. After they make the rounds of the fellows in the room here - down the hall they go until practically every man in the Company has seen them.
I'm sticking in a few pictures we took last winter. Notations on the back will give you some idea when and where they were taken.
I'll close now so I'll have room for the pictures.
Oceans of Love

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