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We Had a Sport Carnival - July 28, 1945

July 28, 1945

Dear Mother,

They have the darndest weather over here. One day it's so hot you can't stand it and the next it's so cold that you shiver with a jacket on. Even when it's hot the nights are so damp that clothes feel clammy in the morning. It might be good for crops, but I don't feel like a crop.
We had a division sport carnival Thursday and Friday. There was track events, baseball games, boxing, horseshoe pitching, and volleyball. Besides there was the usual midway with games of skill and chance, a few beer tents and of course sandwich counters.
I ran in the two hundred meter race and the eight hundred meter race and the eight hundred meter relay. Couldn't get past the simi-finals in the race but we took fourth place in the relay. I thought that was pretty good considering the poor condition we were in.
I also picked up a nice case of sunburn while running around out there in trunks. Maybe it will turn into a nice coat of tan someway or other.
Next week-end the division is going to hold a water carnival. I'd like to enter but I'm afraid I can't swim anyways near that good.
Well I've got a little guard duty to pull tonight. So I'll say Goodnight for now
Lumps and Lumps of Love

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