Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moved Again - July 2, 1945

July 2, 1945

Dear Mother,

How is every little thing at home? I'm getting along fine, all things considered.
Right now I'm sweating out a transfer to some other outfit. I'll get transferred sooner or later, but the big question is will it be an outfit Pacific bound or one slated for occupation.
About half of the gang has been transferred already. The rest of us are just waiting.
Well I'm sleeping in my little pup tent again. We moved out of the Russian zone at midnight June 30th. We are in a field a few miles from Frankfurt on the Main. Two days ago this was an open field now it is a tent city of twelve thousand soldiers. Anything can happen now. So I'm just holding my breath awaiting, and hoping for the best.
I'll say goodnight now and send my Love to keep you company.

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