Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At My New Home - Aug. 8, 1945

Aug. 8 1945

Dear Mother,

I'm about to get settled into my new home. We moved about two hundred miles south of Ausgurg, Germany. This is a fair size city a few miles northwest of Munich. That two hundred miles makes quite a difference in the weather. It's nice and warm here where as the other place was cold.
We are living in barracks at the edge of town. Just a short walk to town or if walking is too strenuous, there is a trolley that goes up town!
There is a river that runs through town where I intend to spend some time swimming. I went down last night after supper and tried the water out. It felt like liquid ice but if you keep moving you won't freeze to death. After a few minutes of that water it feels doubly good laying on the beach and absorbing sunshine.
I've got a German five mark note I'm putting in this letter. At the present rate of exchange it's worth fifty cents. Here is also a Greek bill. I don't know just what it's worth but it looks good any way.
It seems funny this is the first time in over three years that I haven't had an armoured force patch on my sleeve. Now then I wear the patch of the seventy-first Infantry Division Of course I'm still in the ordinance so the type division doesn't make too much difference. From what they tell us fellows from the sixth our stay with this division is more or less temporary. This division may go to the Pacific and if it does we probably won't go with it. That suits me.

Until next letter - Loads and loads of Love

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