Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Still Waiting - July 9, 1945

July 9, 1945

Dear Mother,

Well I'm still here with the sixth. A sweating it out you might say. Every day I look at the bulletin board with apprehension, expecting to see my name on a transfer list. Going to some outfit to replace a high point man. I'm not letting it worry me too much right now.
About half of the Instrument section has been transferred to the Third Armored. Of the six of us remaining four have enough points to get home. that leaves two of us still waiting and hoping.
The boys who transferred took the radio with them. They had the majority staying in the army, so it was only fitting. There are enough other radios around the company for us to get the news and good programs, if we care to.
Darned ants. The soil here is sandy and every time I put down my bed roll it is a battle to see if the ants or myself will occupy it. I just sprinkled gasoline around so I think I'm safe for a while now.
What's new way back yonder now days? I hope you had a nice warm fourth of July week for celebrating Dad's birthday.
I'm going to sign off now. So lots of good wishes and a barrel of Love to all,

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