Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm On Guard Duty - June 1, 1945

June 1, 1945

Dear Mother,

This is kind of early in the day to be writing, but I'm on guard duty today and right now I have a few minutes between guard shifts.
Thank you for the card of May eighteenth. The enclosed letter from Linda Lee was very nice. I'll enclose a few lines for her in this letter.
So you don't think you'll get to go south this time. Maybe you will get the chance to go later in the summer. Then next summer I hope to home then we can carry out all those plans we have been making. Also the more money we can put away will make it that much easier to get started.
See this big cloud of dust - that's just a couple of the boys sweeping out the hallway. Kind of thick but it can't be helped I guess. Things have to be clean.
I'll stop now and see what I can do for Linda Lee now.
Lots and lots of Love

Friday, January 29, 2010

We Fixed a Day Room - May 29, 1945

May 29, 1945

Dear Mother,

Dog gone! according to my calculations the "Sky Ranch" should just about be paid for by now. That's what you call good news. The next item on the program seems to be buildings. As long as we are going to spend time and money at might just as well be spent for something we can use later. Either as a cabin to be rented or a playroom as you suggested.
I have birds singing in my ears. Yesterday I did a little pistol shooting in an enclosed range. The cuncusion in a small room makes the ears ring for two or three days. Of course a little cotton stuffed in the ears helps a lot - but who has any cotton?
How is Dad doing this week? Better than ever I hope. Here's hoping people burn out lots of bulbs.
We have a sort of day room fixed up in the basement of our barracks. The room we took has a bowling ally and a bar. The bowling ally is asphalt and you use a ball slightly smaller than ours, without finger holes. It has to be balanced in the palm of the hand which makes it hard to control.
There is a large element of luck involved because more pins can be gotten by missing the head pin, than if you hit the head pin. Sounds screwy doesn't it? Tis too.
Beer is served at the bar. Sometimes I don't think there is any alcohol at all in the stuff. It can be consumed all night long with no outward effects. Maybe it's better that way - who knows.
All good things must come to an end, so I'll end this letter as of now. Now beware and take care.
Love to all

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rain, rain, rain, - May 25, 1945

May 25, 1945

Dear mother,

Rain, rain, rain, that's all it does lately. This weather isn't fit for man or beast. Right now I'm shaking so much from the cold - I don't know if you will be able to read this or not.
The point system seems to be the main topic of discussion through out the E.T.O . I could make a few untimely remarks but it all adds up to the fact that I haven't enough points to do me any good.
After looking into my crystal ball I can see nothing but the Pacific for your world traveling son.
Received some more funnies the other day, and wish to thank you for the same. There was also a small package of soap that arrived about the same time. I can see that someone has been hitting a few hotels in Missouri.
I think I heard that gas rationing changed from four to six gallons per week. Is this so, or just a rumor? It would sure help Dad out if tis true.
How does Linda-Lee like St. Louis? It must be quite a novelty for her in a large town. Maybe she won't want to go back down on the farm now.
Good night for now with gobs of Love

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Now In Jena, Germany - May 20, 1945

May 20, 1945

Dear Mother,

Hows all the Register family getting along now days? Everything is going along fine for the displaced member of the afore mentioned family. Not too many complaints and no regrets.
I've got a new home again. This time in Jena, Germany. Right now I'm staying in barracks at the Jena airport. I don't know how long it will be before I return to my pup tent, but until I do I shall enjoy my stay under a solid roof.
I received two boxes from you yesterday. One mailed March fifteenth containing a box of caramels. The other mailed April second containing writing paper, candy, etc. I thank you with all my heart.
I'm going to close for now, or I won't get any supper.
So until later - all my love

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things Haven't Changed Much - May 16, 1945

May 16, 1945

Dear Mother,

How is everything at home these days? Has everyone gotten over their Victory celebrations?
The ending of our war didn't change things too much for us. We don't have blackout any more. And our work has slowed down just a little. Outside of that things are about the same. I still live in my little pup tent - Wash my clothes in my helmet - and take baths whenever I can.
It seems sort of primitive the way crops are farmed in this country. You look across a field and see four or five men and women hoeing away for all they are worth. They do use horses or oxen for plowing purposes, but cultivators seem to be nonexistent.
Did Dad get to see his canoe? If so, what does he think of it? The tractor is a little different proposition. If it's in St. L there is always a transportation question. It might be cheaper to wait and see about something closer.
The Army has a little job in the truck line I would like to have. The Dodge three-quarter ton, four by four truck with winch is the one. If the Army ever sells any it would be well worth the money for us.
Love from me to you all

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tomorrow Is Mothers Day - May 12, 1945

May 12, 1945

Dear Mother,

How are you this fine day? Excuse me one minute while I wipe the sweat off my brow. We've had a few days of perfect summer weather. It would be nice now if this sweat was dripping on the place instead of over here.
Tell Dad to keep pitching. It's a good thing he hasn't lost the old selling touch. I guess it seems good to get back to the old trade again. I think I know just how he feels.
So Grand Dad is thinking of coming to St. Louis. It would be a good thing for him if he did. A change of scenery never hurt anyone. (ME INCLUDED). It may tie you down a little but not too much.
Just because I haven't got a card, It's no sign that I've forgotten that tomorrow is Mother's Day. So I'm taking time right now to send greetings to the swellest Mother I know. And I want you to know that I'm always thinking of you.
Lots of Love to you and all the rest -

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess You Heard The Good News - May 8, 1945

May 8, 1945

Dear Mother,

I guess you have heard the great news. Now for the Japs. Then we will be all finished.
All the fellows took the news pretty much in stride. Work continued as always. There was a little shooting and carrying on but not much. Most felt the day could best be celebrated with quiet letter writing home.
Thank you for the nice card of April 27th.
I'm glad Rosalyn has a good job again. Too bad she didn't get that rest she was planning on. But things shouldn't be so rushed at her new place.
Has your winter weather finally come to a stop - or hasn't this sunshine reached you yet?
I'm going to say Good-by now.
With just loads and loads of Love

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sounds Like The War Over Here Is Over - May 4, 1945

May 4, 1945

Dear Mother,

Well from the news I guess the war over here is about over. Thank God.
I guess there are a lot of happy people now days. I heard them giving the names of released war prisoner tonight. I got to thinking, those men's folks must really be happy.
I received a Christmas box from Vanita the other day. It was a long time coming but everything in the package was still good. Strange as it may seem.
Another fifty dollars is on its way to you.
That's good news about the place. Only fifty more left. That's pretty darn good. By the end of summer we will own it lock, stock and barrel.
Well I've got to get ready for tomorrow - So Love to all

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you For All The Packages - April 28, 19457

April 27, 1945

Dear Mother,

Thanks a lot for the funnies. Two packages of them arrived and are making their rounds of the section. Also the packages on home steading are here. After looking them over, I find there is nothing of interest for us. I guess you found out the same thing.
I hope Dad's new hat isn't any the worse for its mud bath. That was a dirty shame having something like that happen almost with the first wearing.
So one of your ladies at the Red Cross would like a drink out of that bottle. She would want to get a firm grip on something . That bottle contained a liquid commonly called Cognac. (A mixture of benzen and greased lightning). At the time the picture was taken I could have passed the bottle around her way, but shortly there after the bottle went dry. Oh unhappy moment!
Oh yes, I received a writing tablet from you the other day. Thank you very much.
Dogone I seemed to have gotten all kinds of things from you lately. I sure appreciate all of them too.
I hope you're getting all these bundles and bundles of Love I'm sending.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Quick Letter - April 21, 1945

April 21, 1945

Dear Mother,

I've done pretty good so far. There has been a heading on this letter for half an hour, and nothing else. We have been discussing a few rumors that are floating around. By now the rumors have been well discussed - and cussed, so I can get on with this letter as originally planned.
There goes the National Barn Dance on the radio. You-all listening too? Pretty good don't you think.
How's that trip down to the place coming along? Right about now things should be really nice down there. I wish I could be going down there with you. We could roll up our sleeves and get started on some long delayed work. Well maybe it won't be too long.
They tell me I go on guard duty at nine o'clock. So I've got to close this letter and get ready.

Friday, January 15, 2010

It Seems To Be Spring - April 18, 1945

April 18, 1945

Dear Mother,

Some days I think spring is here, and others are more like winter. Now last night for instance. It was nice when I went to bed but about two 0'clock I woke up with rain beating against my face. Without wasting a minute I gathered my clothes under one arm and my bed under the other. Into the truck I went, and spent the rest of the night in innocent slumber.
That bottle happens to be full of a little something called Cognac. Sometimes referred to by various other names. For your information I have gone to great pains in the cultivation of that so called dark streak. Therefore please do not indulge in making funny cracks about same.
Things are really coming out around here. All the fruit trees in bloom. The forests turning green, and all the people out planting in the fields.
Here's bushels and bushels of Love to you all

Thursday, January 14, 2010

We Got Paid Today - April 3, 1945

April 3, 1945

Dear Mother,

Well that ----- generator is working better tonight. As near as I could figure out frost was forming on the carburetor. That's fixed for the time being. Now all I have to do is sit here with my fingers crossed and hope nothing else goes wrong.
April showers bring May flowers. If that's true we should have lots of flowers next month.
Has Dad hit the top of the list yet on new orders? I'm expecting to hear news to that effect in the near future. Lots of luck to him for me.
We got paid again today. We used to look forward to payday but now it's just another day. There is no place in Germany for us to spend our marks, so it's either send them home or have that much more next pay day.
Here's a shower of Love to each and every on at home

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Getting Christmas Packages - April 1, 1945

April 1, 1945

Dear Mother,

Are you joining the Easter parade today? Wish I could say I was, but my only parade will be to these tanks with my tools for another days work.
I'll bet you can't guess what I got yesterday. One of your Christmas boxes caught up with me. After all these months the cookies were still good. The jar of jelly is still good, but the apple was slightly spoilt. The book of jokes from Sardis Breakfast program was good, and of course all stables good are usable. Who know maybe the rest of the packages will get here sooner or later.
This generator of our is acting up. The lights flicker so that it's almost impossible to see. That flickering on and off is rough on the eyes. I'm going to cut this letter off short and try again under more favorable conditions.
Loads of Love

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brandy Distillery - Mar. 28, 1945

March 28, 1945

Dear Mother,

It's nice and quiet around here for a few minutes. So here goes for a few lines to let you know I'm still a gittin.
Had some night last night. Practically everyone was dirty, drunk, and disorderly. After so long I quit counting the number I put to bed. We had the wrong liquid or I might have been one of those being put instead of the puter.
We ran into a Brandy distillery. That is what started the party off. Each man being able to get five bottles of the stuff is what put the finishing touches on it.
In case anyone asks - I still have my five bottles. And I expect to have them for a long time yet.
Have you gotten that Spring fever yet? You know that old urge to get down to the place and see the leaves pop out. Take a good look for me. Till later.
Here's an Easter greeting to each and every one of my Loved ones at home.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Gettting Mail From December - Mar. 24, 1945

March 24, 1945

Dear Mother,

All kinds of surprising things happen now days. I'm still getting mail and Christmas cards addressed in December. Also odds and ends from dates in between.
Your letter with the comic pages in also arrived. You don't realize how much you enjoy those Sunday comics until their gone.
I'll bet you can't guess what we had today. - Each man in the company was issued two bottles of good old American beer. That's the first American beer I've had sense I left the states. I don't care what they say there is no place that puts out beer like that except home.
I'm about to get a first class wind burn. Riding around in a jeep the other day did most of it, but living outdoors is helping it along.
Thanks for those clippings about the ninth. Our paper gives the impression that the outfit might be at the front. But there is no real news. Our own division has been mentioned as an unnamed armored division in the paper of late.
I'm putting in one picture from the paper. I'm also trying to get prints of photos some of the boys took. Maybe yes maybe no.
Dad's doing all right. If the product turns over that good all the time - what more could we ask.
Keep on going out with him. It'll do you good. It won't hurt that old car to get out and around a little either. No sense having it dry rot.
All my Love to the best little Mother I know.

Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm In The Field Again - March 22, 1945

March 22, 1945

Dear Mother,

How are you'all this fine sunny day? Yours truly is coming along fine at the present writing.
We've got a couple of rabbits boiling out here in a pot. If they don't boil too long we'll have fried rabbit for supper. If they boil too much we'll have rabbit stew. It makes no difference we will have rabbit one way or another.
In case you didn't know it might be a little longer between letters now than it used to be. I am living out in the field again. That means that at dusk lights are out so it cuts down the time we usually spend in writing, reading, and such things.
Sounds like Dad is getting a good start. Glad to hear it - Keep up the good work. Between us we might be able to lay enough aside to make a fair start down on the place.
Be good and don't forget to give Stubby his run in the park. Lots of Love

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just A Short Note - March 15, 1945

March 15, 1945

Dear Mother,

Your letter of March first just came. So I take my pencil in hand to answer same.
I've really been taking advantage of all good weather lately. Of an evening I take a short walk. It furnishes exercise and I get to see the countryside.
I picked up a little curio in Brussels you might be interested in. I won't make any remarks. That way you can draw your own unbiased opinion.
Things looked bad for a while. Our radio stopped working. Lucky for us it was only a burnt out condenser. That was easily repaired and now the old radio gives just like of old.
It's strange where baseballs and things like that come from. When a few days of nice weather come along - bingo - out comes the baseball for a little game of catch in spare moments. It always happens with Americans on the loose.
- LOOK - no paper. So Loads of Love for now -

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got Your Letter From February - March 12, 1945

March 12, 1945

Dear Mother,

I've been reading in the paper were Portsmouth came close to getting a soaking again. They learnt their lesson in thirty-seven I guess. Even at that their new flood wall wouldn't have kept out the water if they hadn't used sand bags. The last I heard they were still dry - but it was nip and tuck.
I wrote a letter to Junior last month. Yesterday I got it back marked - "Not delivered as addressed." I turned right around and put the letter as was in another envelope and sent it to the old address on 14th Street. That should reach him - I hope.
Just received your letter of February twenty-six and seven. I gather from the hints you dropped that you have a little snow and ice. Never fear - it won't last long. - Spring is just around the corner.
If you need any of the cash that's coming your way - don't hesitate to use it. While Dad's getting started around there you might need a little extra.
Say can you get any more paper like this? I could use a couple more pads if you can.
Bob Hope's on the air - so I think I'll listen for a while. Do you mind? If not I'll sign off in favor of the radio.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Got Hold Of Some Horses - Mar 6, 1945

March 6, 1945

Dear Mother,

So your having some big snows again. From the sounds of it every place had it's share of of snow this year. We still get flurries of snow off and on. Usually they don't stay on long - thank goodness.
Dad should have an idea by now how well the lights are going to do. What's he think - will he like the new product? I hope he does good with the lights.
Some boys in one of the battalions of our Division got hold of some horses. Now then every time they move up four of the men ride horseback. After a long move the men can't hardly walk after being in the saddle - I think the horses are in about the same shape - They just don't say anything about it is all.
I'm glad to hear Harry Heissinger is home for good now. He probably feels he's done his share - can't say as I blame him either.
Here's a great big bunch of Love to the Register's at home

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's Cold Again - Mar 5, 1945

March 5, 1945

Dear Mother,
I knew everyone was jumping the gun a little. Just because of a few warm day in February. Here it is March and cold weather has returned. It can't last too long - we hope.
I sent off another fifty to Dad yesterday. It should get there in a month or two. It's a good thing I didn't get a chance to borrow any money before taking off for Brussels. Or there wouldn't have been any check going your way this month.
If I don't get a hair cut right away soon - you'll have to send me a violin. Or maybe that's the reason we are issued us Dog Tags.
I'm keeping in practice with an ax. Chopping wood to feed this hungry little stove of ours keeps me from forgetting how to hold an ax to obtain the best results. - Dad will please take note.
Cords and cords of Love