Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm On Guard Duty - June 1, 1945

June 1, 1945

Dear Mother,

This is kind of early in the day to be writing, but I'm on guard duty today and right now I have a few minutes between guard shifts.
Thank you for the card of May eighteenth. The enclosed letter from Linda Lee was very nice. I'll enclose a few lines for her in this letter.
So you don't think you'll get to go south this time. Maybe you will get the chance to go later in the summer. Then next summer I hope to home then we can carry out all those plans we have been making. Also the more money we can put away will make it that much easier to get started.
See this big cloud of dust - that's just a couple of the boys sweeping out the hallway. Kind of thick but it can't be helped I guess. Things have to be clean.
I'll stop now and see what I can do for Linda Lee now.
Lots and lots of Love

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  1. He was on guard duty guarding German war criminals waiting for trial.