Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things Haven't Changed Much - May 16, 1945

May 16, 1945

Dear Mother,

How is everything at home these days? Has everyone gotten over their Victory celebrations?
The ending of our war didn't change things too much for us. We don't have blackout any more. And our work has slowed down just a little. Outside of that things are about the same. I still live in my little pup tent - Wash my clothes in my helmet - and take baths whenever I can.
It seems sort of primitive the way crops are farmed in this country. You look across a field and see four or five men and women hoeing away for all they are worth. They do use horses or oxen for plowing purposes, but cultivators seem to be nonexistent.
Did Dad get to see his canoe? If so, what does he think of it? The tractor is a little different proposition. If it's in St. L there is always a transportation question. It might be cheaper to wait and see about something closer.
The Army has a little job in the truck line I would like to have. The Dodge three-quarter ton, four by four truck with winch is the one. If the Army ever sells any it would be well worth the money for us.
Love from me to you all

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