Saturday, January 9, 2010

Still Gettting Mail From December - Mar. 24, 1945

March 24, 1945

Dear Mother,

All kinds of surprising things happen now days. I'm still getting mail and Christmas cards addressed in December. Also odds and ends from dates in between.
Your letter with the comic pages in also arrived. You don't realize how much you enjoy those Sunday comics until their gone.
I'll bet you can't guess what we had today. - Each man in the company was issued two bottles of good old American beer. That's the first American beer I've had sense I left the states. I don't care what they say there is no place that puts out beer like that except home.
I'm about to get a first class wind burn. Riding around in a jeep the other day did most of it, but living outdoors is helping it along.
Thanks for those clippings about the ninth. Our paper gives the impression that the outfit might be at the front. But there is no real news. Our own division has been mentioned as an unnamed armored division in the paper of late.
I'm putting in one picture from the paper. I'm also trying to get prints of photos some of the boys took. Maybe yes maybe no.
Dad's doing all right. If the product turns over that good all the time - what more could we ask.
Keep on going out with him. It'll do you good. It won't hurt that old car to get out and around a little either. No sense having it dry rot.
All my Love to the best little Mother I know.

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