Friday, January 29, 2010

We Fixed a Day Room - May 29, 1945

May 29, 1945

Dear Mother,

Dog gone! according to my calculations the "Sky Ranch" should just about be paid for by now. That's what you call good news. The next item on the program seems to be buildings. As long as we are going to spend time and money at might just as well be spent for something we can use later. Either as a cabin to be rented or a playroom as you suggested.
I have birds singing in my ears. Yesterday I did a little pistol shooting in an enclosed range. The cuncusion in a small room makes the ears ring for two or three days. Of course a little cotton stuffed in the ears helps a lot - but who has any cotton?
How is Dad doing this week? Better than ever I hope. Here's hoping people burn out lots of bulbs.
We have a sort of day room fixed up in the basement of our barracks. The room we took has a bowling ally and a bar. The bowling ally is asphalt and you use a ball slightly smaller than ours, without finger holes. It has to be balanced in the palm of the hand which makes it hard to control.
There is a large element of luck involved because more pins can be gotten by missing the head pin, than if you hit the head pin. Sounds screwy doesn't it? Tis too.
Beer is served at the bar. Sometimes I don't think there is any alcohol at all in the stuff. It can be consumed all night long with no outward effects. Maybe it's better that way - who knows.
All good things must come to an end, so I'll end this letter as of now. Now beware and take care.
Love to all

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