Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Still Getting Christmas Packages - April 1, 1945

April 1, 1945

Dear Mother,

Are you joining the Easter parade today? Wish I could say I was, but my only parade will be to these tanks with my tools for another days work.
I'll bet you can't guess what I got yesterday. One of your Christmas boxes caught up with me. After all these months the cookies were still good. The jar of jelly is still good, but the apple was slightly spoilt. The book of jokes from Sardis Breakfast program was good, and of course all stables good are usable. Who know maybe the rest of the packages will get here sooner or later.
This generator of our is acting up. The lights flicker so that it's almost impossible to see. That flickering on and off is rough on the eyes. I'm going to cut this letter off short and try again under more favorable conditions.
Loads of Love

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