Thursday, January 7, 2010

Just A Short Note - March 15, 1945

March 15, 1945

Dear Mother,

Your letter of March first just came. So I take my pencil in hand to answer same.
I've really been taking advantage of all good weather lately. Of an evening I take a short walk. It furnishes exercise and I get to see the countryside.
I picked up a little curio in Brussels you might be interested in. I won't make any remarks. That way you can draw your own unbiased opinion.
Things looked bad for a while. Our radio stopped working. Lucky for us it was only a burnt out condenser. That was easily repaired and now the old radio gives just like of old.
It's strange where baseballs and things like that come from. When a few days of nice weather come along - bingo - out comes the baseball for a little game of catch in spare moments. It always happens with Americans on the loose.
- LOOK - no paper. So Loads of Love for now -

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