Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Got Hold Of Some Horses - Mar 6, 1945

March 6, 1945

Dear Mother,

So your having some big snows again. From the sounds of it every place had it's share of of snow this year. We still get flurries of snow off and on. Usually they don't stay on long - thank goodness.
Dad should have an idea by now how well the lights are going to do. What's he think - will he like the new product? I hope he does good with the lights.
Some boys in one of the battalions of our Division got hold of some horses. Now then every time they move up four of the men ride horseback. After a long move the men can't hardly walk after being in the saddle - I think the horses are in about the same shape - They just don't say anything about it is all.
I'm glad to hear Harry Heissinger is home for good now. He probably feels he's done his share - can't say as I blame him either.
Here's a great big bunch of Love to the Register's at home

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