Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Got Your Letter From February - March 12, 1945

March 12, 1945

Dear Mother,

I've been reading in the paper were Portsmouth came close to getting a soaking again. They learnt their lesson in thirty-seven I guess. Even at that their new flood wall wouldn't have kept out the water if they hadn't used sand bags. The last I heard they were still dry - but it was nip and tuck.
I wrote a letter to Junior last month. Yesterday I got it back marked - "Not delivered as addressed." I turned right around and put the letter as was in another envelope and sent it to the old address on 14th Street. That should reach him - I hope.
Just received your letter of February twenty-six and seven. I gather from the hints you dropped that you have a little snow and ice. Never fear - it won't last long. - Spring is just around the corner.
If you need any of the cash that's coming your way - don't hesitate to use it. While Dad's getting started around there you might need a little extra.
Say can you get any more paper like this? I could use a couple more pads if you can.
Bob Hope's on the air - so I think I'll listen for a while. Do you mind? If not I'll sign off in favor of the radio.

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