Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm In The Field Again - March 22, 1945

March 22, 1945

Dear Mother,

How are you'all this fine sunny day? Yours truly is coming along fine at the present writing.
We've got a couple of rabbits boiling out here in a pot. If they don't boil too long we'll have fried rabbit for supper. If they boil too much we'll have rabbit stew. It makes no difference we will have rabbit one way or another.
In case you didn't know it might be a little longer between letters now than it used to be. I am living out in the field again. That means that at dusk lights are out so it cuts down the time we usually spend in writing, reading, and such things.
Sounds like Dad is getting a good start. Glad to hear it - Keep up the good work. Between us we might be able to lay enough aside to make a fair start down on the place.
Be good and don't forget to give Stubby his run in the park. Lots of Love

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