Monday, January 11, 2010

Brandy Distillery - Mar. 28, 1945

March 28, 1945

Dear Mother,

It's nice and quiet around here for a few minutes. So here goes for a few lines to let you know I'm still a gittin.
Had some night last night. Practically everyone was dirty, drunk, and disorderly. After so long I quit counting the number I put to bed. We had the wrong liquid or I might have been one of those being put instead of the puter.
We ran into a Brandy distillery. That is what started the party off. Each man being able to get five bottles of the stuff is what put the finishing touches on it.
In case anyone asks - I still have my five bottles. And I expect to have them for a long time yet.
Have you gotten that Spring fever yet? You know that old urge to get down to the place and see the leaves pop out. Take a good look for me. Till later.
Here's an Easter greeting to each and every one of my Loved ones at home.

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