Friday, January 15, 2010

It Seems To Be Spring - April 18, 1945

April 18, 1945

Dear Mother,

Some days I think spring is here, and others are more like winter. Now last night for instance. It was nice when I went to bed but about two 0'clock I woke up with rain beating against my face. Without wasting a minute I gathered my clothes under one arm and my bed under the other. Into the truck I went, and spent the rest of the night in innocent slumber.
That bottle happens to be full of a little something called Cognac. Sometimes referred to by various other names. For your information I have gone to great pains in the cultivation of that so called dark streak. Therefore please do not indulge in making funny cracks about same.
Things are really coming out around here. All the fruit trees in bloom. The forests turning green, and all the people out planting in the fields.
Here's bushels and bushels of Love to you all

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