Monday, January 18, 2010

Thank you For All The Packages - April 28, 19457

April 27, 1945

Dear Mother,

Thanks a lot for the funnies. Two packages of them arrived and are making their rounds of the section. Also the packages on home steading are here. After looking them over, I find there is nothing of interest for us. I guess you found out the same thing.
I hope Dad's new hat isn't any the worse for its mud bath. That was a dirty shame having something like that happen almost with the first wearing.
So one of your ladies at the Red Cross would like a drink out of that bottle. She would want to get a firm grip on something . That bottle contained a liquid commonly called Cognac. (A mixture of benzen and greased lightning). At the time the picture was taken I could have passed the bottle around her way, but shortly there after the bottle went dry. Oh unhappy moment!
Oh yes, I received a writing tablet from you the other day. Thank you very much.
Dogone I seemed to have gotten all kinds of things from you lately. I sure appreciate all of them too.
I hope you're getting all these bundles and bundles of Love I'm sending.

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