Monday, February 22, 2010

Got my Transffer Papers - Aug. 2, 1945

Aug. 2, 1945

Dear Mother,

Summer's just about over - it seems more like it should be just starting. The weather here leaves no doubt in the mind on that score. Cold winds and rain describes the weather we are having - and us living in tents on an open field.
The end of this tent sleeping is in sight now. I got my walking papers from the Sixth today. I bid goodbye to this outfit Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure of my destination but I think it's the Seventy - First Infantry Division. That's just guess work for now. I'll let you know for sure next week.
You must have a nice store of fruits and vegetables put up by now. Every once in a while you write that you have beets to pickle or strawberries (yum yum) to can. Or do you eat them up as fast as you can?
I'll have to close now and get ready to move. I'll let you know where I am as soon as possible

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