Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Easter Sunday. President Roosevelt Was Here

April 25, 1943

Dear Mother,

Easter Sunday here in camp. Everybody had to stay in camp this week end. I think practically every man here attended church services of some kind. Fifty of us from the company were chosen to attend special services at the main fort. President Roosevelt was there, he didn't say anything. Just waved his hat.

Every body in the country knew the President would be here except us soldiers. The only way we have of telling when someone important is around is by the amount of cleaning up we have to do around camp.

They weren't taking any chances around here today. The railroad tracks, the bridges, and all roads had guards of every kind and description. Also no one was permitted to enter or leave the post all day today.

Maybe you wondered why I haven't written for over a week. Well the reason was another one of those week bivouacs. This one was pretty rough, it rained one day and got pretty cold of night. The anti-tank section was on twenty-four hour guard duty every day so we had to grab our sleep whenever we could. On two different nights we were attacked by another outfit but we came out on top.

That place in Arkansas sounds pretty good except for the price. That price is pretty steep for such a small acreage. Nothing on it in improvements either. Could the bald spot be used for fruit or anything? If nothing better can be found why we had better take the place.

How about the place close to St. Louis? Have you seen it yet? From the description that sounds like a good buy. Not much money involved and fair possibilities in more ways than one. Let me know what you decide or find out.


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