Wednesday, January 28, 2009

At Fort Riley, Kansas - April 17, 1943

April 17, 1943

Dear Mother,

That's quite fancy language you're using there in your letter. But I get the general idea. You and Dad know most of the most important things to look for in a place. I don't think a person would go far wrong on any of those we have looked up. Did you get out to see your woman at Potasi? From the description you gave it sounds pretty good to me. Being close to St. Louis isn't too bad as long as it's not too thickly settled.

I visited the fair city of Pittsburgh last weekend. The only change around there is in the people. The place is full of officers training at the airport. Of course Saturday night the boys from Camp Crowder come to the dances around there by the train loads. I don't blame them Pittsburgh has some good dances.

Frake and his barber shop was gone. The barber in the hotel said Frakes took his shop to some army camp, I forget where, and he is giving GI's to soldiers now. Most of the other fellows I knew have been drafted by now. I saw Delores Scott but didn't get to talk to her. She was coming in on a bus as I was going out.

That box of candy sure came in handy. It got here Friday noon but I didn't get to open it until Monday. We had an all night convoy Monday and the box of candy added fuel to the system of us anti-tankers to withstand the rigors of a rainy night. All the anti-tankers offer their thanks.


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