Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fort Riley, Kansas, May 2, 1943

May 2, 1943

Dear Mother,

So Dad is undecided on what place to take. Tell him to use his own judgement. He has seen them and he knows what we want as well as anybody. Don't let my kibitzing bother him.

This will be a pretty short letter due to the scarcity of news around this part of the country.

That depot job should be a good deal for Puggy. That's pretty good money to start out on. That's a good place to work too.

We take off tomorrow for the hills again. From the looks of it we may get quite a few of these week bivouacs this summer. There has been some talk that we would take off and be out in the hills all summer, but I don't know. It's been pretty warm so it should be pretty nice out this coming week. I hope.

Things are awful quiet around camp this weekend. Everyone wanted out because of the next week bivouac. Saturday being payday might have something to do with everyone going to town.

As far as I know now I will be in St. Louis about the fourth of June unless they change their minds and give me the pass sooner. They are giving everyone a chance at a pass and my name comes up about the fourth of June unless they send out more men at one time than the schedule calls for at present. There has been some talk to that effect. I'll let you know if I find out anything definite.

While I'm home this time I think I'll bring the car back to camp with me. The anti-tank section goes to town en mass of a weekend. We figured that a car would save us considerable money, in taxi, train, and bus fare. The car would take us to small places where we wouldn't have so many soldiers around. These towns that are within bus routes are so full of soldiers that you can't have too much fun.

Here's another twenty berries for the future security of the Register clan.


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  1. Puggy is what Ken would call his younger sister.