Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Land By The Dam and the Electrical Storm

August 12, 1943

Dear Mother,

It sounds like you might have hit on something pretty good. When the dam is completed it looks like the complete west side of the land should be on or very near the lake's edge. From the sounds of it the building site is a natural, on a ridge overlooking the river. If the lake backs up as expected the building site would be right on the lake shore.
The lower 160 could be kept for a while. Maybe the land nearest the water could be sold at a neat profit a little later. Extra timber land is always nice to have. It can be cut as timber or kept and used for hunting or possibly mining.

I say get that land if at all possible before the price is raised. At $2 an acre that sounds like a steal to me. The location is excellent also, right down in that park section where all the spring parks are that we visited. If you can do business well hop to it.

Sunday we are going swimming at Lake Mead near Boulder City. I don't know just how far that is from Boulder Dam, but it sounds like it should be fairly close. It's a long ride up there but I hope it's worth it.

This must be the rainy season around here. We had another rain yesterday. This rain was accompanied by an electric storm that wasn't so pleasant. The lightening struck a vehicle about a hundred yards from where I was standing. There was seven men around the vehicle and one in it. The seven around the vehicle were knocked out some of them in bad shape. The one in the vehicle was just scared a little. I learned that it doesn't pay to stand too near vehicles during storms.

Say will you write to Illinois and see if you can get my birth certificate for me? I might transfer out of the ninth division to the air corp. Even to transfer you have to have a birth certificate.

I got to go now.


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