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Summer Has Arrived - Aug 1, 1943

Aug. 1, 1943

Dear Mother,

I guess that's good news to most people. The discontinuation of coffee rationing. Have they turned sugar loose yet? I understand they intend to but haven't gotten around to it yet.

Wonders will never cease. The other morning it actually rained. It's the first rain sense we left Kansas. The rain came down pretty hard for about a half hour. After that it got hot again.

I told you in previous letters about the weather we had out here, well that cool weather is gone and summer is here for sure. The nights have quit cooling off as they did in the beginning of our stay.

Last Sunday we went swimming. I don't think anybody enjoyed themselves too much. The water in the lake was too warm for enjoyment, and the ride home! The wind blowing thru the truck was just like air from a blast furnace. This past week the temperature has varied between a hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty seven. Just between you and me that's hot!

It's a good thing the car isn't out here now I guess. If it was it would just sit out in the sun and rot. The big shot really cut down on our time off. No one will go to town during the week. From five o'clock Saturday night to midnight Sunday twenty-five percent are allowed out. Each man is allowed one three day pass in the next thirteen weeks and all fourloes are canceled. So a car is almost useless.

Did you go out sightseeing over the weekend? If so did you see anything of interest? I hope we find something soon before I spend all my money in Las Vegas.

Well my watch went bad again. I think it's the balance staff that went out again. This time I'm going to put it away and forget I ever had it. Maybe one of these days I can save enough to buy one of the water and dust proof watches.

I tank I take a shower, maybe cool off a bit, no.


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