Friday, June 5, 2009

Trip To Lake Mead 1943

Aug. 19, 1943

Dear Mother,

Your going to have to watch Stubby pretty close or some of these times one of those people who like him so well will spirit him away. Stubby should be here at camp now. We caught a nice little play mate for him, it's just about his size and as frisky as can be. The way the bobcat swings those paws he would probably knock Stubby for a loop.
I guess that cut in gas hit some of the people pretty hard, It's a good thing you guys don't use much gas as that would hurt pretty bad. I guess that cut in gas includes the west coast although it's been so long sense I went to town I wouldn't know.
Do you know that I keep forgetting to send my thanks for the boxes of candy. It seems funny that I should forget to thank you all for candy that tasted that good, but it disappeared so fast that I hardly know I had any. That last box I debated a long time over as to whether I should wait until after dark to open it or not. By forgetting my bringing up as a gentleman and helping myself first I managed to salvage a couple of pieces.
Last Sunday we took a swimming convoy up to Lake Mead. It was really ideal swimming. The sun didn't shine too much and the water was perfect. Lake Mead is the lake formed by Boulder dam. After the swim we went down to the dam and looked around, now that is an engineering feat if I ever saw one. Its well worth the time and trouble to visit Boulder Dam. Right now they wont let civilians stop on or near the dam they take them across turn around and come right back. That was one trip I really enjoyed going G.I.
Hope every body is getting along fine.


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