Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You Got A Real Buy - Aug 28, 1943

Aug. 28, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad,

Well I think you got a real buy from what you have told me. I have been thinking over the idea you talked about in your letter Dad. While it is something to think about I don't believe that we are in a position to do anything but think at the present time.
After maneuvers are finished I should get a few days off, and then we could go down and see just what we have bought.
From the sounds of the terms I don't think we should have any trouble with the monthly payments. Unless something drastic happens and then we should be able to realize a nice profit out of any of the land we choose to sell. If we can hold on until they resume work on the lake we should get a nice price if we decide to sell any of the place.
Thanks a lot for the candy. It sure tasted swell. It went like hot cakes, something like that really goes good after eating "C" rations. We would probably all faint if they served us fresh beef for a change.
I don't know how often I will be in a position to write in the next two months, but whenever the opportunity presents itself I will drop you a line or two. As plans stand now the next two months will be spent on a truck somewhere between here and Mexico.
Yes sir, the first of September we hit the field in earnest. She'll be rough and ready thru seven days a week with no time for passes or furloughs. I'll be glad to get into it and get it over with.
One thing we have to be thankful for anyway. the nights are cooling off again to the point that blankets can be used in comfort. The days are still hot but at least we can sleep at night. I hope your heat wave is over so you have more ambition to eat.

That's all until later.


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  1. The area of the Ozarks they bought land in was Piedmont MO and the future Clearwater Lake and dam.
    Below is the link to the dam site. It is quite beautiful.
    The property they purchased was next to the property that his future wife's (my Mother) parents owned. Little did he know! They were happily married 63 years.