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On the Desert in Calofornia Sept. 15, 1943

Sept. 15, 1943

Dear Mother,

How is every little thing at home this fine day? Have they decided to move Dad's department at the depot yet or does he get to stay?
I have come to the conclusion that our camp is situated in the coolest spot on the desert. The farther we move the hotter it gets. I don't know what the temperature is but when you just lay around and the sweat pours off then it's hot.
The wind out here feels like it came from a blast furnace. When we're driving along that wind feels like it's searing our lungs.
Yesterday I went to sleep in the shade of the truck and that wind blowing on my side turned it a deep red. It hurt pretty bad for a while but has eased up considerable now.
Do you know I have just come to the conclusion that these steel helmets are handy little gadgets. Of a morning they are used for shaving. While riding you wear them and get a good scalp massage. Of an evening we use them to take a sponge bath and last but not least our dirty clothes must be washed out so again we turn to our trusty helmet.
Have the papers come through on the place yet? I didn't get a chance to send any money home before we left camp so I'll have quite a bit when I get back unless we stop someplace where I can get a money order. I'm just a little afraid to send money in a letter out here because I'm not sure all my letters are getting through.
After these maneuvers are over I'll have a couple months back pay and what money I now have. I'll send a good part of it home to put in on the place.


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