Friday, June 12, 2009

On Maneouvers Sept 10, 1943

Sept. 10, 1943

Dear Mother,

I'll dash off a few lines here between guard shifts. Five days on the desert maneuvers and still going strong, I hope.
Did you get rested up from taking the kids uptown? I hope you had a good time celebrating my birthday. I had quite a day. Four of us sat all day in the middle of the desert guarding a road that nobody would want.
I got the birth certificate yesterday. I haven't fully decided to use it yet. After maneuvers are over I'll find out what gives and then decide whether I want to transfer or not.
Thanks a lot for the box of candy. Those chocolates really go over good. Everyone thinks they should be eaten before they melt. You never saw people work any harder to see that the mission is taken care of.
Sometimes these lieutenants make me mad. About the time we get our truck camouflaged so you can't see it they want us to move. I'll have to stop now and bow to their whims.


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