Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Color Photos - June 14, 1944

June 14, 1944

Dear Mother,
The four color pictures arrived safe and sound. They are really nice. I like the picture taken from the hill looking down on the Black River. It's strange how much life color can give to a photo. If the "Sky Ranch" looks as nice in reality as it does in these pictures, then we have a real find.
That picture of Puggie--------! I could make some comment but the boys here expressed everything much better with a low whistle, than I could with a page full of words.
Today should be payday, I hope, although all I'll do is turn right around and send the money on to you. I sent a fifty dollar money order a couple of days ago that you should have by now. I don't know how much the next one will be until after they pay off.
Well just took time off to get paid. That about puts me square with the government for a while. I turned right around and sent the money on to you by government cable. You should get the money before you get this letter. If not the amounts one hundred and thirty one dollars. Just a nice addition to our nest egg.
And then there was the young lady - "She laughed when the P.F.C. sat down,
But when he started to play ------!

I'll be seeing you soon, until later


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