Monday, October 12, 2009

I Received Your Letters - June 11, 1944

June 11, 1944

Dear Mother,

I just received a couple letters from you - one May 16 and the other May 20. I guess this invasion has made the mail slower than usual.
That picnic you had the last of Dad's vacation sounded real interesting. I would like to have been there. "Cake" it sounds like a word out of the past. It's nice to think of cake made out of real flour again. I'm going to have to stop this dreaming - all it does is give me an appetite.
Grandma must be enjoying her stay in St. Louis. Does the change seem to be doing her any good? Tell her hello for me will you.
You tell that little sister of mine that she should spend some time writing letters instead of draped on the bed reading a book.
I'm enclosing another money order, this one for fifty. I never have time to spend any money so it might just as well be earning interest at home - or buying something we need for the place.
Say as long as you are washing Dad's shirts you might just as well do mine. I don't seem to able to find time myself.
Give my love to Dad, Puggie, Grandma, Stubby, and everybody else.



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