Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rival For The Coffee Pot - June 5, 1944

June 5m 1944

Dear Mother,

Don't tell me you are still having snow and freezes. That doesn't sound like spring weather to me.
How does the "old man" like his new job? It sounds alright to me if he doesn't have to be on the road a lot. Don't let him put on airs now just because he went to college. Has he started selling magazines to work his way through college yet?
What's the news from the posters down south? It it's not favorable the best thing to do is as you suggested-forget about the posters for the time being. You and Dad use your own judgement.
It sounds like your going to have a rival for the coffee pot when I get back. The army is teaching me to drink the stuff. You have to drink something and coffee is used chiefly. Some times I almost think I'll get to like the stuff.
That's all the news for now- More later.
Love to all of you.


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