Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thanks For The Pictures-May 16, 1944

May 16, 1944

Dear Mother,

Your pictures of the place caught up with me today. From the looks of that view from the hilltop, the name fits to a "T". I have the picture of the spot where the house is to be located. I like the looks of the large trees in front. By the way what the devil is that hanging on the small tree in this picture. It's got me bothered.
Where was Stubby on that trip? I don't see him in any of the pictures. That's unusual unless he stayed at home. That don't sound right either.
St. Louis must be pretty wet from the looks of third street. The water didn't get any ways near you did it? It doesn't know weather to rain or shine over here. This country would run a weather man batty.
You better tell Dad to do something with that misplaced chest of his. If he's not careful he'll get to looking like a first Sargent. And that ain't good!
Your rose received and delicate aroma noted. I was just wonder where the red roses came from if Dad gave you snapdragons and carnations.
I don't think much of those over seas jobs you wrote about. This stuff of seeing the world isn't what it's cracked up to be. Just between you and me there isn't a thing to see over here that you can't see in the good old U.S. Besides somebody should be on the spot when this is all over to start putting our plans into action. I'm hoping Dad can get what he wants around St. Louis.
Love from me to all the family.


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