Friday, September 25, 2009

On Guard Duty - May 31, 1944

May 31,1944

Dear mother,
Is Grandmother still with you? If so how is she feeling? Much better I hope.
I suppose you're having some of this warm weather also. It's even too hot to enjoy going to town. I went in last Sunday and nearly died of thirst. Here you can't go to the corner drug store or a nice cool air conditioned bar for a tall refreshing drink. Right now I could go for a nice thick milk shake - Ahhhhhhh.
The package with the little deck of cards arrived yesterday. I have been making good use of the cards while on guard today. They are easy to carry and real handy to have.
It doesn't look like I'll have a chance to pick up anything for Puggie's birthday. Do you think you could find something for her? It seems sort of early to think of her birthday but time seems to fly and mail is so slow. What ever you find you can do will be OK with me.
It's almost time for my guard shift to be relieved - so I'll have to say good-bye now until another day.

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