Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Finally Got Your Letter - May 23, 1944

May 23, 1944

Dear Mother,
Your letter from Piedmont got to me at long last. Some of the mail is coming thru pretty good but every once in a while I get a letter from the old address. Usually these letters are about a month and a half late. They make good reading under any circumstances.
It's a good thing the Sky Ranch is located on high ground, or you would have to paddle your own canoe in all that high water. It shouldn't take long for the dam to fill up the way water comes down that river.
I'm glad Dad has decided not to take that overseas job. It didn't sound so good from what you wrote. You keep him home so he can help you with the place.
Main St., Piedmont, MO. Those American cars sure look good after seeing these Limey cars. Just between you and me these cars look like a cross between an Austin and a Peakiness.
I've got to head for chow now. If chow is missed here it's bad that's all. Restaurants are conspicuous by their absents.
Love to all the gang.

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