Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rehabilitation - April 20, 1944

April 20, 1944

Dear Mother,

When mail comes it really comes. I just received a bunch of letters dating from March 20 to April 6. I almost missed supper I was so busy reading.
It's too bad that Dad is leaving the depot, but maybe it's for the best. At least the breathing spell will give you a good chance to look over the "Sky Ranch." Dad should be able to get something paying a little more than civil service was paying anyway.
Boy! Oh! Boy! you have sure had some sweet weather this spring. From your letters and what I have read in the papers some of the states are still having snow.
Every time I move my muscles complain for all their worth. I have been taking exercises and going on road marches. They call it rehabilitation, in short getting ready for duty. After two months of laying in a hospital those old arms and legs are really soft. If my calculations are correct I should get released some time next week. I hope.
How does the old buss wagon run now? That boy works cheap enough. I don't know just what he did but if he fixed half the things wrong it's very reasonable.
Thanks for the nail clippers. It sure came at a good time. My nails were at the point where they had to be cut or I would have been arrested for carrying dangerous weapons.
Razor blades are always appreciated. The P.X. rations us two blades a week. It gets pretty rough on the face towards the last of the week. I think I have the situation well in hand. By shaving every other day it's not too bad.
As much as I would like to keep rambling on, it just isn't to be. The nurse is on her way to turn off the lights.
Since all good things must end this is a good place to say,
Love to all

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