Sunday, September 6, 2009

This Crazy Mail April 1, 1944

April 1, 1944

Dear Mother,

This mail situation is a little mixed up. One day I get a letter written in March and the next day I get one written in February. It's good getting them no matter what order they come in.
I would like to have seen Richard. From what you wrote I guess nobody recognized him. It's been a few years since we swam together.
So Floyd and Eula have a girl. I wonder who she will look like. Black hair or blond that is the question.
I'm going to send some money orders home this coming week. Probably in Dad's name since he is out were he can cash them. Let me know if they arrive or not.
It's a nasty day out, drippy and slushy. It should be a good night to stay in and catch up on sleep.
Until next week so-long and love to all.


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