Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Somewhere in France - June 24, 1944

June 24, 1944
Somewhere in France

Dear Mother,
Just a couple of lines to let you know that all is well.
I don't know how good the mail service is from here - but I do know that our censorship is a real problem for our bunch. We are short officers to censor mail so each man must hold his outgoing mail to a minimum until things clear up.
Because I can't write as often as would like - don't let that hold up your letters. I am always glad to get mail.
How is the old man making out after his bout with the college? Does he feel any better educated now than he did before? You want to watch that he doesn't start getting ideas about dressing for dinner and such.
Is Puggie still working as hard as ever? If she runs out of work she can come over here and do my cooking for me. By the time I get a meal cooked it's time to start work again and I have to eat in a hurry.
It won't be long now. Until later, Love to all including Stubby,


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