Tuesday, March 3, 2009

June 8, 1943, Before heading out for desert training in Calif.

June 8, 1943

Dear Mother,

Well I guess this will be my last letter from Camp Funston, Kansas. Some of the fellows are pretty anxious to hit the trail, but something tells me they will wish they were back in Kansas before long. If what the advance party says is true the desert camp is like Camp Sutton only hotter. The morning they wrote back it had cooled off to 95o. The day before it was 125o and nothing but sand -Sand in your bed, sand in your clothes, and sand in your food. But that's all part of the training to separate the men from the boys.

I found a few more ticks when I started taking a shower. They didn't last long though.

We tried to get to town Sat. evening - sense it was our last in Kansas - but everyone else had the same idea. The buses were full, the cars were full so finally we got disgusted and returned to the barracks to spend the rest of the week end.

I'm going to quit now and finish packing my clothes away.


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