Monday, March 30, 2009

Sand Twisters - july 2, 1943

July 2, 1943

Dear Mother,

I got the pictures this noon. I sure wish that river went through this camp. Space in a river like that could be rented out at a nice price per square foot.

Tell Dad I feel like I got his whipping for him. We went riding out in the desert on our trucks. That desert isn't near as level as it looks, and there aren't any roads. You can ride along and all of a sudden you arrive at the edge of a ten or fifteen foot gully. We hit one of those today going wide open. Well that truck just took off into space. If we could have had wings they would have arrested us for flying low. We hit about half way up the other bank and just kept going. That was all well and good except that I didn't land in the same spot I started in. I landed on an ammunition box right on top of the lock. Tonight I can't hardly sit down.

You should see the twisters we have here. Every day about noon they start. Down through the tents and across the motor park. They pick up anything that is loose and tear down any tents not put up good. If one of them catches the cooks unprepared we eat dirt mixed with our dinner. If you happen to be standing in the path of one it dumps about ten tons of dirt down your neck. If you want to hear some flowery language you should be around when one of the twisters fills a mans mess kit with dirt. The expression on the faces is what gets you. It's pitiful but funny at the same time.

I'm going to a show now so adios til later.


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