Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Spare Time - Feb 20, 1944

Feb 20, 1944

Dear Mother,

I've got spare time for a change, so will try to answer these letters that came in the other day.
Did Dad get his raise? I sure hope so. Of course it also adds to the income tax. From what I hear that tax is going to give somebody a nice headache.
Do you mean to say you haven't had a cold this winter? That's a little different than usual. Usually you have a cold all winter. Keep up the good work. I'll knock on wood for you.
The watch arrived safe and sound the other day. It seems to run alright. It stopped a couple of times at first buts going right to town now. Thanks to all of you for a mighty fine present.
How did the car run? I suppose it still purrs right along. You never did say what the score was on tires. I didn't think they were in shape to go to Springfield and back.
Vanita's package finally arrived. It sure took it's time. I guess she's a little worried for fear something happened to the package. I'll have to write and let her know that all's well.
If you ever get a chance send me a finger nail clipper. I lost the one I had, and you can't buy them over here.
Don't freeze with all that snow and cold.


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