Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sun Is Shining March 24, 1944

March 24, 1944

Dear Mother,

Thank you for the card. It was nice. I've been wondering if my letters are getting through to you. Most of them are regular letters, so there's no record of them. Some of your letters don't sound as though you were getting my letters. I hope I'm wrong.
The name of the place sounds pretty good to me. If the place is as good as it's name it's going to be OK. You have a good idea for a book to keep to keep the names of prospective visitors to the Sky Ranch in. Some of those names might also be on our mailing list for the factory. I think we will have time for both, don't you?
The sun's shining and it feels like spring out. I think I'll get out and get a breath of fresh air, so till later.

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