Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Times A Wastin' - March 21, 1944

March 21, 1944

Dear Mother,

Maybe I'll be able to finish this letter. This will be the fourth one I've started. The other three didn't sound right.
I think I'll change dentist, this one has too good eyes. So far he has filled three teeth and he said there was at least four more. And I thought I had good teeth!
Rosalyn only bowled 92! I'm surprised. She should do better than that with all the practice she is getting. How about Dad, doesn't he do any bowling any more? If he doesn't get in some practice he won't even be good competition for me. Oh Yeah.
We get most of the good programs on the radio. The main difference is that most of the programs are recorded. The recordings are made four or five months before we hear them. We don't have to worry about commercial plugs in the middle of a program.
That sounds encouraging about the dam. With work that far advanced they are pretty sure to finish it out. I'd like to see that aerial photo. It should give a fair idea of what that lower 160 acres looks like. A lot of tramping could be saves if it's a good photo.
I've really got a racket now. All I do is wash a few dishes three times a day. It takes about an hour to wash the dishes and clean up then the rest of the time is free. I get a lot of rest with this job. It's getting a little monotonous now. I'm anxious to get back to the shops again.
Times a wastin, and there's work to do. I'll have to stop now. So till a later date.

Love to all

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