Thursday, June 25, 2009

Maneuvers End- Sept. 30, 1943

Sept. 30, 1943

Dear Mother,
Well! Well! Wonders will never cease. They called the last half of maneuvers off. I think we will finish the maneuvers down in Louisiana. We go from one extreme to another. First the sunny dry desert and then the swamps of Louisiana. As plans now stand we leave here the last of next month for Camp Polk.
Your getting to be the regular little entertainer. Just don't try too many at once or somebody may get stepped on.
I'm going to quit for now, it's so dark I can't see the lines.

Oct 1, 1943
I've got a few minutes before I go on guard duty. I think I can finish this letter by then.
I'm Corporal of the guard tonight so all i have to do is post my relief then pick them up two hours later. Pretty soft I calls it.
Well we did pretty good on maneuvers so they say. I took my crew on two problems and we got killed both times. The only redeeming fracture being the fact that we was the last vehicle to be put out of action. It all sounds sort of screwy but it's a big help in getting an idea of what the score is.
The compass got hear in good shape. I'm afraid I won't get to use it much here but it will sure come in handy down in the swamps of Louisiana.
So far I haven't had any teeth worked on in the army. I have one pretty bad cavity otherwise I think my teeth are in fine shape. Every time they examine teeth they ask if the hollow tooth hurts any. Since it hasn't they don't want to touch it. Of course I don't beg them as long as it doesn't bother.
I want to get another three day pass before we leave California. I want to visit Los Angelas and Long Beach again. I'd like to spend a day laying on the beach at the ocean. Wish you and the gang could go also.
If Grandma is still there tell her hello for me and thank her for the nice card.
A cake would sure go good but from the looks of most packages coming in I'm afraid it would be in bad shape. The mail is way behind as far as packages are concerned and they lay in Los Angelas several days before delivery.
It's time for guard so goodbye for now.


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  1. His "hollow tooth" refers to when he was 12. He was chasing his dog around a table, slipped and fell breaking his front tooth off. After several years he was able to get it capped. He had the cap for a very long time. He did indeed have very fine teeth. He passed away at the age of 88 still having his own teeth.