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Still In School Here Nov 18, 1943

Nov 18, 1943

Dear Mother,

Has it warmed up any up there yet? It's been real nice down here so far. We had a few chilly nights but the sun warms things up in good shape during the day time.
Well I'm still going to school. Of course it isn't really a school it's a base repair shop where they make major repairs on instruments. They haven't decided yet weather to make this our last week over there, or weather to let us go another two months and miss maneuvers. We are hoping for the latter more or less cause it's going to be cold and wet sleeping out in this part of the country. It won't be bad for those with trucks to sleep in, but if I go I'm supposed to drive a jeep. With a jeep there is no place to sleep but on the ground.
Some of the fellows in the battalion went to New Orleans the 11th to drive vehicles in a parade there. They wouldn't let me go because of this school. The dirty dogs.
From the sound of things all we have to do is build a half dozen cabins along the edge of the lake at our place. From them we should be able to pay for the place in a short time. It's something to think about anyway.
I had something I was going to show you when I came home on furlough. But it is no more, I did away with it when they canceled my leave. Heh! Heh! you should have seen me with that beautiful cooky-duster. The other fellows were getting jealous so I shaved it off. If you could have seen it.


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