Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brrrr - Sept 30, 1945

Sept 30, 1945

Dear Mother,

Brrrr, I think it's going to snow. It's been raining now for over a week. This morning it stopped raining and turned cold, and we're just close enough to the Alps for it to start snowing about this time of year.
I received the pictures of your camping trip to the place. They are very good. Maybe I can help take the next ones - yes.

Oct 1945

That was very rude of them. Taking me away from my letter writing just to pull guard duty for a few hours.
Did I tell you about my present home? We are living in houses that were originally divided into four apartments. Each apartment having four rooms and a bath. Three of us live in this room where I sleep. We have some prisoners who clean up our room every morning, wash and iron our clothes, and if it's cold they build us a fire. If it wasn't for guard duty this would be pretty nice around here.
I'll have to say good-bye now and pleasant dreams to you. Here's an extra large bundle of Love for all of you

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