Monday, March 15, 2010

Went to a Show - Sept 11, 1945

Sept 11, 1945

Dear Mother,

Just a short note to assure you that I am still thinking of you and home.
By the by; how is everyone on this crisp September morn? I hope everyone feels as good as I do today.
How are Dad's salesmen progressing? Has he found a one for Peoria yet? Two more questions and you will think this is a quiz program.
I went to a show sponsored by the Red Cross the other night. It was put on by a group of DP's from the Baltic states. They sang some of their native songs also a few American songs they have learnt lately. They danced a couple of their dances. They were so much like our square dances that I had the urge to get out there with them. All together it made a nice little show, and was enjoyed by everyone.
Well you are probably busy today so send some more of this love I am saving up - and don't forget - if you can't be good be careful.

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