Thursday, March 11, 2010

Points, age and discharges - Sept 4, 1945

Sept 4, 1945

Dear Mother,

You should hear everyone talking about points, age and discharges in general. - Don't tell anyone but I think, now mind you just think and hope that I will be in the States by Christmas.
Don't go making any rash plans but it doesn't hurt to hope does it?
I thought I would have a nice quiet morning here to write this letter, but someone else thinks differently. They just brought in twenty pair of binoculars to be repaired. That's the way it goes - for a week we sit around and loaf and then bingo! they drop everything in our laps at once.
What is Dad doing - Taking charge of a group of men covering a large section? It sounds like they are pleased with his work in that case - Good for him and lots of luck.
Well I've got to dive into that work or I might lose my job (oh yeah)
So here is a river of Love flowing your way.

Here are some pictures we took in our walks by the river in Augsburg.

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