Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Hate This Point System - Aug 24, 1945

Aug. 24, 1945

Hello Mom,

Boy oh boy! it rains more here than any one place I know of. I don't think there has been a day this month when I have written a letter that it hasn't rained. Of course it could be that I chose rainy days to write. After all the sun shine's so seldom that it must be taken advantage of at every opportunity.
I received the pictures of the "Sky Ranch". It looks like you must have been all over to get those views. If the lake fills all that valley it's going to be a nice swim across. I hope Dad got that big order he was trying for. That would be a nice feather in his cap, besides supplying a tidy sum of money for the home team.
That's a dirty trick, sending Milton back into training. I don't know who thought up that point system. I haven't seen very many fellows that think it's fair. Some like it, especially those with kids, but they don't think it's fair. Oh well maybe we will all get out now.
I have to run into town today and pick up my laundry. There is a German woman in town that washes and irons my clothes each week. When I pick up my laundry I give her some oranges for her kids and some smokes for her and her old man. She does a pretty good job and saves me from getting dishpan hands.
I've just about got room left to include a small portion of the Love I'd like to send

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